How to obtain your Yabanci Kimlik number online


Thanks to our on arrival training I finally understood how to get my ID number for foreign people and get the Muzekart (Nice Card that you can use it to get discounts in turkish museums). Below you will find all the instructions step by step:

Turkish citizens are identified by 11 digit long number known as a TC Identity number (‘Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Kimlik Numarası’ or simply ‘TC Kimlik No.’). Foreigners within Turkey are not eligible for a TC Kimlik number, and used to be identified primarily by their tax number, however foreigners with a valid Turkish Residents Permit now are assigned a “Yabancı Kimlik Numarasi” (Foreigners Identity Number), which can be used as a TC number (although they are not the same thing!), and are advised to always carry this with them. Yabancı Kimlik numbers can be identified by the first two digits (which are always 99).

There are two ways to obtain your Yabancı Kimlik number; 1. A visit to the Nüfus office, or 2. Find it online.

The below guide takes you through the very simple process of getting your number; it should only take a matter of minutes…

  1. Visit
    Obtaining your Yabanci Kimlik Number
  2. Enter the following;
    • For “Doğum Yılı“, enter your year of birth
    • For “İkamet Tezkere No“, enter the number found on page 1 of your residency book under ‘İkamet Tezkere’, it will look something like 12/34567
    • In the box at the bottom below the image, enter the numbers/letters from the image.
  3. Click “Sorgula“. The system will search for your information, and if found, display it in the section below:
    Obtaining your Yabanci Kimlik Number
    If you do not see the information, first review the information you entered in step 2, and try again. If that fails there may be a problem with your kimlik number, or it may not have been created yet; if the problem persists, we advise a visit to the Nüfus Office.



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